Seeking Out Marketing Opportunities

Imagine you are in a box and you are trying to get out.  Because of my theatre training, in my mind I am already pantomiming (with white gloves) the four walls. So, you are stuck in this box looking for a way out.  What you fail to notice is that there is no top on the box, so you could easily climb out.

The same is true for selling our art.  We as artists are stuck in a box (at least we can make the box beautiful) and what we fail to realize is that there are no limits to our success once we get beyond the walls.

You’ve heard the term, think outside the box, well how about off the canvas?

You can continue to do what has always been done and do okay or you can begin to think differently . . .

Why do your current customers buy your work?  Do they connect with the art and then buy or do they connect with you and then buy?  Where do they hang out?  Do you personally go to arts & craft fairs or gallery openings even though you are not exhibiting?  Where else might they go or spend time on a regular basis?  Coffee shops, restaurants, gyms, hair salons, dry cleaners, etc?  How can you work with these other places to get your work displayed?

What about online?  If someone connects with you can they find your art online?  Where else are your customers hanging out online?  Facebook?  Twitter?

Remember, there is no ceiling on the box and the possibilities and opportunities are endless.

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